Have You Also Been Looking Out For Van Leasing?

The story so far…

In the year 2015, when I started off on a small enterprise, I had calculated the overheads for most of my expenses. I had an experience of five years with a company retailing in fresh produce off the farm. Being in the transportation department gave me a lot of exposure to the trade and I knew that I was ready for my own start up at the end of those five years.

The job involved picking fresh produce from the suburbs and getting them delivered to the city departmental stores. While the idea was to start off with smaller orders, I wanted to go for a cheap van leasing Aberdeen city and then gradually build up with bigger orders. I had some savings with me but they were not really that significant to cover costly van leasing.

Taking loan was out of question:

I was already paying EMIs on previous student loan and a housing finance that I had opted for in the previous year and anything more that I had t shell out would have put undue pressure on my pockets. So, the best idea was to go modest.

The van leasing worked for me:

While this van leasing service gave me the lowest price guarantee I was also assured with their service and their maintenance promise. Additionally, the mileage offer that they offered was just so good that I could not but refuse it. Incidentally, this company was the first one that I went to in my quest for leasing a cheap van service and I must say that I was so convinced with the way they handled my business that I did not have to look anywhere else. I have in turn recommended their service to a lot of ex colleagues who have always hoped to start up a small business on their own. And some of them who have taken the recommendation have always come out a satisfied customer!