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Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers: The trinity of car sound systems

The sound systems are considered as the major part of entertainment for the car users especially for the music lovers. The quality of the sound system is very important and the updated version of the sound systems gives you the best experience of your car drive. Speakers, Amplifiers and the subwoofers are the main parts of the system that gives you the exact feel of your favorite music.

Speakers are important in a car as we cannot use headsets while driving. There are few points to be considered and checked in an audio system. Always pay attention to the power handling capacity of your speakers. There are two types of speakers;

Component speakers – Component speakers has the top rated design where the woofers and other external accessories are available in separate.

Full range speakers – Full range speakers act as a one stop solution for all your favorite accessories and it is suitable for people who wish change their factory system settings.

There are two and three way speakers out of which three way speakers possess mid-range component, twitter and woofer.

The woofers are meant for the reproduction of the music with low quality audio which is also called as Bass. The best sub woofers are expected to reproduce the Bass music to the maximum perfect level of audio. The active subwoofer has in-built amplifier where the passive amplifier does not.

Amplifiers are of different types where the first priority goes to single channel amplifier. The single channel amplifier is directly wired to the woofer system. It is better to go for the best amplifiers as they help in rectifying the bass with filters (I liked the Zapco amplifier review when I tried and tested many amplifiers). It also has tone controlling option that makes it more perfect.

Tip: Also concentrate on the size of these components to avoid unnecessary hindrance of more space occupying systems.…