Here’s What I Know About Buying Car Parts

I am a perfectionist:

If there is one trait about me that I absolutely love and abhor both at the same time then it is my perfectionism. While at times, I love to give myself a pat at the back for being so meticulous and careful about doing everything right sometimes, just sometimes, the stress that builds up because I cannot accept anything mediocre can be fatal. I mean literally, I am so fanatic about everything being right that sometimes it tires me!

So, when I started driving, I was extremely particular that I learn A to Zee about car parts:

And has it helped?

Well, till recently, I never ever needed any kind of information on car parts because of touchwood! I never had a breakdown in the middle of any carriageway yet. It is partly also because I have been meticulously looking after the car as well as sending them routinely tot the garage and bringing them back. I almost derided myself for storing up so much information on all the car models.

But what happened last week shook me up:

I was driving downhill when I suddenly found the brake giving away, I was shell-shocked for a few seconds because on my left-hand side was a dangerous cliff. And so I decided to take it slowly. But as fate would have it, the car stopped and it refused to start. I had taken the car on the right-hand side exactly a minute before it stopped. So, there I was late evening and no other vehicle in sight either. I was feeling so cold that I thought if I did not get help in time I would freeze through the night.

Fortunately, I knew a couple of knacks to start the car which I learned from the tutoring that I gave myself. I tried all of them one by one and luckily the last one just before I was about o give up helped. The car jerked a bit but started. I slowly drove downhill calling out Jesus for help. Once I was downhill, I called emergency services and asked the car to be taken directly to the service. Thank god I had known a few hacks.