Top Three Signs Your Car needs New Tyres

All of us have a tendency to ignore the tires when we inspect other parts of our vehicle. Tires need a regular check as their failure could be a potential safety risk and even become catastrophic in some rare cases. The best thing one could do is keep an eye on the health of tires as well. Ask your mechanic to have a look at your tires voluntarily even if there is no problem. They will be immediately able to gauge the tire condition and advice you on when you might need a new one! Here is a list of top 3 warning signs that indicate you might need new car tyres Australia

Watch the tread depth

The tread depth of your tires considerably decides on its general health. When the depth drops below 1/16th of an inch, it is a clear indication for changing to brand new tires. You can detect this depth by buying the same gauge that mechanics use at their service stations or use a penny too to decide. There are several DIY techniques which can be used to understand the tread depth.

Look out for Vibration

Observation is the key for every driver. It is important to see the patterns and changes that keep happening in your ride quality. If you find that you are having pretty bumpy rides on a decent road, you need to visit your mechanic to check on your car tyres.

Visible Blisters and bulges

Just like your legs, your tires could get tired and worn out. You need to know when you should stop over working it or it might lead to a breakdown all of a sudden! Look at the tires for blisters or any bulges on the outer surface. Such weak spots on the tire may result in blow out at any point of time and needs immediate fix.